art-ed1Larry (black shirt with back to camera) addressing a group of art students at Auburn University in Montgomery during his 2006 solo exhibition entitled “Kerygma and Journey: Reflecting on Process and Content”.

I have been involved in the arts and/or teaching in some shape or form since I was a senior in high school. I aspire to the label of “artist/educator” with both a sense of trepidation and a certain amount of pride. My path to and through both career tracks has certainly been a convoluted and circuitous journey, but one that has lead me to a great many mountain top experiences, as well as some excursions through some heart rending “valleys”. After serving as a public school art educator in Oklahoma and Kansas for sixteen years, I now teach 3D Studio and Art Education at Troy University in Troy, Alabama. What will follow in this section of the website are reflections on my role as a studio professor and an art educator and musings on the dichotomies and ‘career schizophrenia’ that ensues in trying to balance the two.